Confidence & Chronic Pain

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I attended my first Hypnotherapy session and it is a testament to Diccon that he almost immediately put me at ease and made me feel relaxed. I came to Diccon lacking confidence and suffering from chronic pain due to several health issues including fracturing my back seven years ago. Almost immediately and then throughout the last five weeks I have seen and felt improvements unachieved by years of conventional remedies. Equipped with the techniques Diccon has taught me I am now finding it easier to manage the symptoms of my pain. And activities I had enjoyed but stopped doing because of a lack of confidence and the ever-present pain I am now motivated to do. Since our sessions began I have been enjoying short walks with my dog at the very least twice a week whereas before working with Diccon I could very easily have gone one month to the next without leaving my house. Not only that but my family and I have been pleasantly surprised with how calm I have been dealing with challenges that previously would have left me constantly on the brink of tears or unable to stop myself from verbally lashing out at my loved ones. It amazes me that after just five one hour sessions how much happier, calmer and positive I am now feeling. I highly recommend Diccon and owe him a huge thank you for the positive differences he has made in my life.


I’ve been seeing Diccon for Hypnotherapy for over 6 months now and the benefits have been incredible. I’ve acknowledged by anxiety and unhelpful stress response and been guided into working on these and finding better ways to manage them. I listen to his ‘easy sleep’ audio recording every night and that has revolutionised my quality and length of sleep, which in itself is life changing. Engaging in hypnotherapy with Diccon, I’ve also managed to quit smoking and alcohol. Which I, and my family, are incredibly grateful for. I’m happier in the skin I’m in and I feel so much better in myself, both at work and at home. I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Diccon. As a medical practitioner, I know how key empathy and compassion is in connecting with patients to get the best results and Diccon is excellent at making you feel safe and cared for. Thanks for everything you’ve done to help.

Depression, Anxiety & Claustrophobia

Due to a medical diagnosis I was subjected to hospital treatment and medication. As a result of the diagnosis and the subsequent medication provided by the NHS I was left with disturbing psychological episodes. These episodes included depression, anxiety and claustrophobia. I was offered additional medication to treat the side effects of the original medication which in my opinion was totally unnecessary and left me in a very confused state of mind, unable to eat and sleep. Thankfully I was referred to Diccon who kindly offered me a 10 week course of sessions. Since the sessions began, I have found it extremely therapeutic and helpful and as a direct result I now find the hypnotherapy sessions my go to solution when I find myself having difficulties. Diccon is very professional and articulate with his delivery always clear, concise and relaxing. My intention is to continue with the sessions and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking similar help and assistance.


I have suffered from anxiety when travelling in cars for over 40 years. This has made my life difficult at times and also stopped me from doing things. Plenty are the times when I have cancelled something just because I was too scared and worried about the car journey. I had more or less accepted that there will be things in life I can’t do because of this or found other means of transport when possible. Having had a few sessions with Diccon, I was actually surprised when I ordered a taxi and found myself not gripping the handle or scaredly looking out the window the whole time to check on traffic. During the journey I realised that the “knot” I usually have in my stomach in such circumstance had gone away! It felt really good! Since that first journey after my sessions, I have gone on two more car journeys and the same happened again, I am not scared anymore! I do get thoughts if I think they drive too fast but it stays as a thought and does not come out as a scream as it did before. I can strongly recommend Diccon, he has given me a part of my life back which I though was lost for good! Thank you Diccon!


I came to see Diccon as I haven’t been able to go on the tube without feeling intense fear for years. Diccon is really professional and calming and definitely put me at ease immediately. I completed hypnotherapy for my phobia and this weekend went into London on the tube and was absolutely fine. I actually can’t even believe it myself. All I can say is thank you so much and I would highly recommend Diccon to everyone.